Short and simple ‘Kiko Boksingero’ packs a wallop (Interaksyon)

As much as I didn’t enjoy Requited,  I enjoyed Kiko Boksingero a whole lot and I wasn’t expecting to. There’s a whole lot of talk about Manny Pacquiao than I cared for but it was appropriate to the script and to the story. But otherwise I had no real qualms about it. I really, really enjoyed it.

Read my review here: Short and simple ‘Kiko Boksingero’ packs a wallop (Interaksyon)


Yul Servo and Noel Comia Jr in the lovely and very unexpected Kiko Boksingero

The cast was amazing. Noel Comia Jr. was excellent as Kiko, whose story we follow. He wasn’t like a lot of child actors who was obviously acting and playing for cuteness. Yayo Aguila was tremendous. She was the heart of the film and it’s her presence that brings the tears at the end of the film. Tears which came so unexpectedly because I was not aware that I was getting affected.



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