Cycling drama ‘Requited’ freewheels towards vagueness (Interaksyon)

The first film I saw for Cinemalaya, unfortunately, was quite disappointing. Lots of potential, though, but disappointing still. Requited has a good premise, beautiful music, and two very good actors — Jake Cuenca and Anna Luna — that were not utilized to their strengths.

Read my review here: Cycling drama ‘Requited’ freewheels towards vagueness (Interaksyon).


Anna Luna and Jake Cuenca bike from Manila to Mount Pinatubo skirting around a story that never really forms in Requited

I would have wanted the writer to have gone through another two drafts with the script before putting it together and if they gave us more shots of different angles of the two biking. The film’s filmmaking was very evident in the movie and helped keep us distant from what was going on onscreen. A film that needs you to invest in the characters cannot be overt about its filmmaking. We have to get lost in the characters and the story so that we forget that it’s a work of fiction.

But the script was weak, the story stunted, and the filmmaking obvious.

It has beautiful music, though.

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