It’s Cinemalaya season again


The posters of this year’s crop of Cinemalaya films

I was just at CCP earlier this afternoon to catch a film for Cinemalaya. I got my media pass today, which means I can watch any of the films in competition at the CCP. Interaksyon got it for me so I can review as many of the films as I can. I got to see one at CCP and then I was off to Glorietta to catch the gala premiere of another one. My reviews will be out soon.

I would love to be able to just go to the CCP on one day and just watch as many films as I can sneak in for the day. But I’m going to be busy as hell this whole week and will have to keep making the trip to Manila every other day. There’s so much lined up this week and a lot of deadlines too and I’m drowning.

Truth of the matter is: I’ve already stopped taking new assignments. I’m stressing out because I still have not been paid by some clients and that’s put me in a bind. And I hate to constantly be making calls and following up checks but I also hate having to not have money.

I’m still eating. I’m still paying rent. I just hate not having the funds to go and do other things that I need to do. I like having a safety net.

There’s so much to do this week. So much and I am having such a hard time focusing because I’m just worried that my money is going to run out. It’s really criminal when clients do this. But there’s no choice. It’s an industry practice. And you could get blacklisted and there’s no real consequence that’s going to be inflicted on these people.

It’s just so annoying.

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