now connected

IMG_1308Today, they installed the internet at my place. I won’t have to go out anymore to coffee shops with erratic internet access just to work and download large files. I don’t have to go to coffee shops or friend’s places just to update the apps of my phone and my computer. I can now work at home because I really hate using my phone as a hotspot (I don’t know why).

I just feel like this place is starting to feel more and more habitable. I’m afraid I might end up holing up here and being less outgoing. But considering that payments have been slow and my jobs have been erratic, it’s probably for the best. The timing couldn’t have been anymore perfect.

This is really going to help cut down my spending, mostly because I get to stay home more. I don’t know why I don’t believe in fortuitous coincidences but this is definitely one of them. The universe is finally helping me out.

I had several choices for internet providers and I ended up with Skycable even though I have a really bad experience with them. But PLDT took forever (until now, they haven’t installed a line here when I applied for one six weeks ago). And Skycable is cheaper and people have been saying it’s much better than it was before.

And they have HBO Go. I don’t know why that’s such a deal-breaker but it is.

I’m connected now at home. Achievement unlocked. This is going to make things so much more interesting now.

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