on work

I’ve been writing quite a lot for Interaksyon. I feel great about it because it’s almost like writing for Juice again. Juice allowed me to write about other things, though, like food and fashion, if I came across such a story. I tried pitching other stories but they told me to really just focus on the reviews. I think they want me to write more regularly. Minimum of three a week, they said, which I’ve been having a hard time doing because of my other work.


photo taken by Cholo Laurel sometime in 2016

Work has been crazy, though. I’m currently writing for a traveling show on a per-episode basis and it’s a good gig. I won’t be traveling, though, but the pay is good and the work is manageable. Not too stressful. Add that to my regular teaching gig, and my workshop gig starting on September and I think I’m going to be fine.

The freelance commercial projects still show up once in a while and those are always good because the pay is bigger than normal BUT they usually pay late. Except for when I do work for Seabiscuit. They always pay on time and they always keep me informed. I like working for them.

I have one production house that is taking forever to pay me and the people refuse to reply to my questions of follow-up. It’s really annoying and I hate this industry practice of not paying people on time. I think it’s criminal that people should do this.

And then there the movie projects. And they are the ultimate goal, really. It’s the whole reason why I’m here. Because I really just want to do scripted narratives. In any form, really. That’s what I came here to do.

I lost some projects along the way. I’m still not yet stable and living hand-to-mouth but that’s the freelance life and I realize that I have been gone for a whole year. I’m surprised that despite my year-long absence from the industry that it was so easy for me to get back to work and get projects going immediately. But then again, I’m also not that surprised because I’ve worked my ass off since graduation to develop and build my network and my reputation.

I just wished it was easier. It’s one of those days where I’m feeling the drag of the current back into some dark place. And I don’t want to go there because I feel like I’m just getting out of one. I don’t want to be able to breathe for just a little bit and then go back down under.

Just keep working. It’ll get easier again soon.


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