‘Baby Driver’ is a modern dance on film, an absolute joy to watch (Interaksyon)

The unconventional name aside, Baby Driver is a magnificent display of filmmaking and it’s one of the reasons why people enjoy watching movies so much. It’s the perfect blend of all the elements that make a good film — acting, story, direction, camerawork, editing, and music. Simply put, this cannot be done in theater and this cannot be done on the page. This is something that has to be seen, and preferably big, like in the cinema.

Read my review here:Baby Driver’ is a modern dance on film, an absolute joy to watch (Interaksyon).


Lily James and Ansel Elgort, looking all so pretty and sexy, in Baby Driver

There is so much going for it. Ansel Elgort, Lily James, and Kevin Spacey are at their A game, doing what they do best and not making it feel like it’s an ordinary day. Lily James always makes me smile and she has that quality of making an innocent character real. Kevin Spacey is always best when he’s being verbose and can make any dialogue cool. Ansel Elgort is gorgeous but he is also un-self-conscious about it and he is so committed to his performances.

Edgar Wright is truly an amazing director and he made this just come to life. Watch it in the big screen. It’s best enjoyed that way with good sound.


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