The cold war is far from over in ‘Atomic Blonde’ (Interaksyon)

I really, really wanted to love Atomic Blonde. Charlize Theron is a goddess and I promised myself I was going to watch all her movies. But I was a little disappointed with this film. Maybe I had too much expectations but I felt that the plot was told in a convoluted manner and the pacing was dragging in many parts.

The action is great, though, and Charlize Theron is mesmerizing. You really are just watching it for her and she fills that screen. It’s quite amazing.

Read my review here: The cold war is far from over in ‘Atomic Blonde’ (Interaksyon).


Charlize Theron is everything in Atomic Blonde, but not enough to save the convoluted script

I had a great time in the cinema, though. The soundtrack is fantastic and the fight direction was superb. It is when the film deals with exposition and story that it gets bogged down. Mood is perfect. Action is great. Story-telling is weak.

It’s unfortunate because I love Charlize and I wanted this to be awesome.


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