Everyone is a star in PETA’s 2017 production of ‘Caredivas’ (Interaksyon)

I’m so glad to be back in Manila because I get to catch up on Philippine theater. It’s really booming and so many of our actors are getting a chance to really show us what they can do. I just saw Kinky Boots recently and Newsies and now I got to catch an original Filipino musical, Caredivas.

Read my review here: Everyone is a star in PETA’s 2017 production of ‘Caredivas’ (Interaksyon).


Melvin Lee and Myke Salomon in Caredivas (photo by Jaypee Maristaza)

I’ve heard so many good things about this show and I finally got to see it. Melvin Lee and Vincent de Jesus are friends of mine but I’ve never seen them on stage. It was my first time and they were absolutely fantastic. I’ve always known Ricci Chan was amazing but this is the best I’ve ever seen him. Myke Salomon is always consistently good.

Their last weekend is coming up and I suggest you catch it if you haven’t yet. It’s really amazing.

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