Want You Back — Haim (Official Video)

When this song came out, all my friends on Twitter were talking about it. And they kept putting gifs and screenshots of the music video. As usual, I stayed away because I have this thing about anything that’s overhyped.

I did see a friend quote an article talking about the new album and how the article said one of the songs evoked Fleetwood Mac Rumors-era guitars and such heartfelt lyrics that I was intrigued. I downloaded the album on Spotify and I fell for the album.

Today, I saw the video of Want You Back for the first time.

I must admit it, it’s quite good. I love the whole one shot thing, though I was expecting the choreography to be more extensive.

But who doesn’t dream of walking down the middle of a large empty street with your best buds (in this case, your literal sisters) and just dance-walk your way down while being emotionally honest?

I’d do it.


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