Praying — Kesha (YouTube)

I don’t remember when it was that I fell in love with some of Kesha’s songs. I know, for a fact, that it was We R Who We R that I first really got into. It was the gateway to listening to all the other songs she has and while I don’t love all of them, the ones that I do like I really, really enjoy. Die Young is on constant repeat. TiK ToK is a jam.

I went to Spotify to catch all the other songs from her different albums and I’ve come to fall in love with songs like The Harold SongHungover, and Past Lives.

And then she releases this:

And I’ve been listening to it over and over. Gosh! What a powerful song. It’s making me think about modern dance again because I just want to move to it. It makes me wish that I’ve been able to continue taking contemporary classes just so that I could dance to this. It’s so beautiful.

And that video! My goodness! Shivers.

I’m so happy for her to be able to release a song like this. It’s going to be on repeat for awhile.

2 thoughts on “Praying — Kesha (YouTube)

    • I have heard ‘Woman.’ It’s wonderful.

      Haven’t heard ‘Learn to Let Go’ yet. Busy pa right now but,, hopefully, I’ll be free enough soon to really give it a solid listen.

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