Despite being set in 1899 New York, ‘Newsies’ strikes close to home (Interaksyon)

My work at Interaksyon has expanded now to include writing theater reviews. I prefer being able to release reviews on online sites than in Manila Bulletin because I can get my reviews out earlier. Speed is the key when it comes to reviews because, if the work is good, it’s important to get people to go and see the movie or show. I’ll have to think up of interesting articles about art and culture instead to keep writing for them.

Here’s my review for NewsiesDespite being set in 1899 New York, ‘Newsies’ strikes close to home (Interaksyon).


Gian Magdangal leads the cast of Newsies staged by 9 Works Theatrical and Globe Live

I was really scared of catching the show. I was nervous that I wouldn’t like it but I was so shocked. It hit all the right buttons despite maintaining a light touch. The production itself was magnificent and all-out. It had great production numbers with a tap section that just had me cheering and applauding with all my might.

It’s a great show that’s great for the whole family. Try and catch it if you can. It’s on every weekend of July.

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