Are You Ready — Texas

I’ve been listening to this a lot recently. Found the song on Spotify when I was looking for songs from Texas’ album Red Book and didn’t know they released this album.

I’d be making wishes, hoping they come true
I’d be on the other side
No matter what you give me, no matter what you do
I will be on your side
If I told you I will break your heart
Will it make you mine?
(I’m ready, you’re ready)
If I told you this would happen from the start
(If you’re ready, I’m ready)
I will try to help you
But that don’t make it right
No matter what I tell you
Most of it is half a lie
So many questions, so much time
All of it in your head
Hope you forgive them for all they have done

— Are You Ready by Texas

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve been listening to this song because, in my head, I’m singing it to someone or do I imagine someone singing it to me. I wonder which one it is. But that song is flowing through me and it’s constantly on repeat and it hurts every time I reach the chorus.

Sometimes you find songs that speak to you and your current moment and condition. Sometimes the song finds you. That’s how it was for me and this song. It found me.


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