Speaking at Social Media Day #NextPH

I was hanging out at Pineapple Lab a few weeks ago when I was introduced to someone who was happy to meet me. Apparently, she has heard of me and what I’ve done. Her name was Ross and she asked if I could speak at Social Media Day, a completely volunteer, non-profit event that brings together speakers from various fields to talk about how social media has changed different industries.

She asked if I could join a panel to talk about how social media has changed film.


On the panel with Arvin Bellarmino and Noel Escondo, directors of the short film Nakaw and hosted by Rhadem Morados

It was a great opportunity for me to remind everyone what else there is about me. I’m a filmmaker too. I think I’ve blogged about this already — how, for a long time, I felt that I was only important or relevant because of my advocacy. It’s great when I get to show other sides of me. I’m an artist too. I don’t want my HIV to be all that I am known for.

But I would have to thank the advocacy because it has made me very comfortable speaking in public. I don’t get frightened, being in front of people and talking, and I’ve managed to gain the skill of figuring out what I want to say in a very short span of time so that I always seem to have something to say.

I checked the hashtag #NextPH on Twitter and I saw quite a bit of people quoting me for the things I said during the talk. I have to admit, it feels good to know that people think I have important thing to say. I work very hard to go through life and learning as much as I can and sharing what I know. Opportunities like these are important for me. I get renewed by the act of sharing and giving.

And if you’ve read the previous post, you know I’m feeling a little drained and empty.

In a way, embarrassingly enough, this was good for my self-esteem. I needed this.

I’m very grateful for the team behind Social Media Day for having invited me and giving me an opportunity to talk about what I know in front of such a large audience. We all have our way, our own process, to getting our shit back together. This is one of mine.

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