In Transformers: The Last Knight, all that noise is just noise (Interaksyon)

So I had to watch Transformers: The Last Knight so I could write a review of it. What’s your excuse? If it wasn’t my job I wouldn’t have caught it but I’m just glad that I get reimbursed so I don’t feel completely cheated by the whole experience.

Read my review here: In Transformers: The Last Knight, all that noise is just noise (Interakson).

Grimlock in TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT, from Paramount Pictures.

one of the useless scenes in Transformers: The Last Knight

I had said before that one of the perks of being a film reviewer meant that I had a good reason to watch even bad films because I could always just say that I “had to watch it for work.” But even this film made me regret having this sort of job. That’s the flip side of the job. I get to watch so many movies that I get even surprised at how good the obscure ones are. I end up finding some rare gems out there that was very unexpected. It raises the bar higher for every other film I come across.

I try to make it a point to be fair to everything that I see and to meet it at its own terms. But I’m also a filmmaker, which means I know more than regular people about how to make a movie. All this comes to play.

And no matter how Transformers: The Last Knight tries to set itself up as a fun-filled, don’t-take-me-seriously romp in the cinema, it fails to do even that just for the mere fact that it is incoherent and can’t even muster enough emotion to make me care.

And there’s still another to come. And I’m probably going to have to watch that too.

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