I’ve been trying to get two different possible ISPs for my apartment. I didn’t want to go with the regular options and I’ve been waiting but the customer service of these two other options — Eastern Telecommunications and Converge ICT — are bogged down by other calls. I think it’s a good sign that their customer service call centers are always busy. People must be moving to them as well.


photo by Tuchi Imperial

But I finally got through to them and they are not yet servicing my area. So I can’t make use of them.

And now I’m stuck to the original set of ISPs that are available for someone just looking for a good home plan. I have heard so many horror stories regarding Globe so I’m not going there. Smart and PLDT are both problematic but I don’t really have other options.

This is what happens when Capitalism is left without any safeguards to protect the consumer. The big corporations just eats up the competition and lobby for public policies that hedge the system to their advantage and make it impossible for smaller businesses to compete.

I have been moving away from a Capitalist point-of-view. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a better economic system to replace it. But this world is so materialistic and puts the value on money rather than experiences or even just good moral character. And it bothers me. I’m not materialistic at all. I don’t need branded things nor am I the type to chase after the latest thing, no matter what they are. I’m very practical that way. I just want things that I need and that function well.

Right now, I need internet at home and so I have to choose between the big corporations that have made it impossible for people to enjoy the right to fast internet.

Today, I saw a video on Twitter about how some US Senators are fighting to preserve net neutrality in the United States. Even in the “Land of the Free,” the big corporations are trying to monetize everything and just make bigger profits and effectively kill the competition. How is it even possible that there are people who would let that happen?

I hate greed. I hate selfishness. The fact that we have actually legislated greed and selfishness into existing laws leaves a very sour taste in my mouth. I don’t like it.

This is the world I’m fighting. This is the world I’m hoping to steer people away from when I write. Even if I don’t talk about it directly, I hope these are the things that my work exudes between the lines.

This is an ugly world now and we have made it ugly but our selfishness and greed and our inability to stop it. Even our complacency.

I wish I was better at economics and cultural anthropology so that I could have a better handle at this and how to make distinct changes in the system. Because the system doesn’t work. It’s lead us to this.

And I hate it.


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