My name means ‘Dad’ (Manila Bulletin / Panorama)


still one of my all time favorite photos of me and my dad (taken in 2013)

An article I wrote came out in today’s issue of Manila Bulletin / Panorama for the Father’s Day issue. I can’t write about my dad anymore and I begged off of it because I’ve been writing about my father since 2004. But they asked me and I owe the Bulletin so much so I was able to squeeze another essay about my father. If you’ll notice, this is more about me than it is about my father.

I really can’t write another article about my father. I don’t know what else I could possibly say!

Hopefully, this is the last time.

Read the article here: My name means ‘Dad’ (Manila Bulletin / Panorama).

From the article:

My relationship with my dad is so complicated. It’s deep and profound and, for some reason, I find that it is rooted somehow to the fact that he wanted to call me “dad.” By subverting my position in the family’s hierarchy, I’ve somehow become more than just my dad’s son.

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