a stranger called me awesome last night

I stayed home all of Thursday because I was fighting the flu. I rarely get it but when it comes, I’m already aware of it and I know exactly what to do. I stay home, I stay in bed, I eat and drink a lot of water, and I cover myself up and let my body perspire to get the poisons out. Of course, my friend Cez told me the sweat tactic works for fever not for the flu but I did it anyway. It still works. By Friday, it was gone and I still stayed in the whole day and caught up with some work.


Morx, Cez, Kate and I at Oto last night

That evening, I felt like I had to get out of the house or else I’ll suffer from severe cabin fever and because I am dealing with my own personal shit (enhanced by listening to the full album of Melodrama by Lorde, in which she sings my whole being this week — every song is a reflection of my personal state). I had planned, before I had gotten sick, to meet up with Morx and Kate and Cez. They were on standby. If I wasn’t feeling well, I would have rain checked but I was feeling better and I needed to get out of the house and rejoin humanity.

We ate at Smokeyard for dinner where I saw someone who looked familiar but I wasn’t sure and I left it alone because I really couldn’t place him and he went up to me, squeezed my shoulder and said. “Hi Wanggo.” I turned because it was such a warm greeting. I shook his head and said, “Hi,” but I immediately told him I don’t remember him. He gave his name and told me it had been ten years since we last saw each other.

I remembered eventually but it had been ten years and I felt so bad that I didn’t remember but I also felt touched that he did. I messaged him on Facebook and apologized at having forgotten and he told me, “It’s okay. It has been a long time. And nobody forgets Wanggo Gallaga.”

Considering everything I’ve been through the past two years, including the past week, it’s a good thing to hear.

We went Oto after for some drinks and then we went to Pura Vida to check it out. I pass by it all the time on my way home and it’s always packed and it’s always happening and I wanted to see. Pura Vida is right beside Z Hostel and very near all the other hostels in the Poblacion area so the bar’s composition is a full mix of Filipinos and foreigners.


Tony, Jessie, and I at North Park the week before last night

Jessie arrived just because she wanted to say hi. We haven’t seen each other since the last week and she knows what I’ve been through so she wanted to give me a hug and when we stepped outside to talk, a white man, probably drunk out of his mind, turned to her and said, “This guy is awesome.” He was pointing at me.

I looked at Jessie and mouthed the words that I didn’t know him. He kept insisting that I was awesome. I thanked him and he saw that I did not recognize him and he said, “You don’t remember me? We were hanging out last week.” I know for a fact that we weren’t. I asked for his name and he said he was David, which really did not bring back any memory.

He then told Jessie that “He’s a cool guy” and Jessie validated it, riding along and enjoying my confusion. David turned around and continued talking to his friends and I apologized to Jessie.

“No, you don’t have to apologize,” Jessie said. “You are awesome.”

It felt good. An old friend and a total stranger. Yeah, the stranger was drunk, but he could have chosen anyone else.

I don’t believe in signs but I can’t help but feel that the universe was trying to tell me something.

I really don’t appreciate myself enough.



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