… pretend we were just a dream

I’m really in it today. I’ve always loved this song, especially this version. It’s probably my favorite of all the versions, including the Kelly Clarkson one. This version of Just Missed the Train really gets down into the heart of it both vocally and musically.

And I’m in it right now. I always thought this song was magical and I attributed to all the could-have-beens and the almost-theres but, no, I was wrong. This time, this experience I just felt last night was the real thing.

I now really know how this feels. And it hurts. It really hurts. And this song just completely underscores all my feelings and emotions right now. I just missed the train.

Oh why’d that train just pass us by
Didn’t anyone see we were stuck at the light
Or we would’re made it on time

So sleep darlin’
Why don’t you pretend we were just a dream
It’s cool baby
I’m so sorry
We got to the station a little too late
It’s such a shame
We just missed the train
We just missed the train

Just Missed the Train, written by Danielle Brisebois and Scott Cutler


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