the smaller world

each time I walk

through the threshold of your

place the world outside

gets smaller

so small

like physically



that the seas crash

into each other and the continents

reform Pangaea

and everyone can visit anyone

in the world

just by walking but I wouldn’t

go and visit anyone


because in your place I have

found contentment and the world

can get so busy outside

as they rejoice

that all the world

is now



but time expands in your room

and none of that matters as it would

take so long before they’d truly forgive

each other for the seconds stretch out until

forever when our skins touch and our skins

will touch because that’s why

you asked me to come



but I cannot stay hereĀ forever


not yet

because we aren’t there



it’s fun but it’s not yet


and when I cross the threshold


to rejoin the world


all the joy of the world

being together is lost

as the continents push far

away from each other and the seas

rush back to their proper geography

and the world is as it was

as I get back home


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