yesterday was a good day

I woke up yesterday coming from a particularly busy but very pleasant Friday. I had traveled all the way to San Juan to visit my dad and my brother, who are here from Bacolod for the weekend. Yesterday was the only day they had that was free to hang out with Datu and I because they are super busy as well. Afterwards, I went to watch Kung Paano Maghihiwalay, a play that opened at The Pineapple Lab (review coming up soon).

So I woke up yesterday with anticipation of another busy day and a work pile that’s getting higher and higher. Yesterday was going to be full with several events that I had to attend — a pool party by Team magazine, heading off to the Escolta Block Party for a possible article and meeting some future work opportunities, and a friend’s birthday party.


with Jessie and Apa at the Escolta Block Party

I ended up missing my friend’s birthday party because the Escolta Block Party was massive and I was meeting so many new people and I even managed to acquire two new work contacts who would be giving me writing jobs in the next couple of weeks. It was amazing, though. They closed off areas and rerouted traffic so that people could party and dance and drink in the streets. Everyone was there and it had a really nice, un-pretensious late 90s and early 2000 vibe.

I’m always so surprised at how my social activities — going out and attending parties and stuff — always manages to increase my career network. I go out to have fun, to experience the moment and engage (it’s the best way for me to get the feel of the event if I’m planning to write about it) but it’s just my nature to be friendly and sociable. And it always just happens! I always manage to widen my contacts and people always end up offering me jobs.

I’m not complaining. It’s just such a funny thing. I never just go out. I’m always at work, it seems, even when I’m out to have fun.

On the flip-side, that afternoon was just more chill and pleasant without being too overwhelming. The Team mag pool party called #TeamTikiKiki was an accidental chance for me to just hang out, jump into the pool, and play catch up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while since I got back.


with Team editor-in-chief Paolo Lorenzana

I got to see Jake and Bardo, two really awesome people who I’ve gotten close to the past few years. We got to sit down, on a huge flamingo floatie in the middle of the pool. We were just catching up in the middle of the pool that we kind of tuned out from everybody else. It was fun, though, and we really got to catch up.

Saw some of my “babies,” the cast of Hanging Out like Albert, Eboy, and Toff. I got to see a lot of old friends. So it was really fun and pleasant and enjoyable.

The party was only until 7pm, so when the party was winding down, I was approached by a young man, still a student, who said that he saw Sonata and that he loved it. It was a really, really nice feeling to get to meet people who saw Sonata. That was a really nice thing to have happened.

Oh yeah, that also reminds me that after the Escolta Block Party, things got so energized that I followed to the after party at Today x Future and I met a young filmmaker there who saw a short film I wrote called Lost and Found from the full-length movie (which is composed of three short films by three different directors) called Puso 3.

It felt so good again to have my work recognized and seen.

So, yeah, I got to hang out with good friends, got some future work opportunities in the pipeline, and felt very validated by the recognition from younger people who have seen my work.

It felt really, really good. It was a good day yesterday.

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