Cece Asuncion wins a GLAAD award for “Strut” (Team magazine)

So I got to interview a Filipino GLAAD winner for Team magazine’s online edition. It was a Skype interview, my second in the month and the second Skype interview I’ve ever done in my whole life. I was always so scared to do it because I had no idea how it was going to be but Cece Asuncion was wonderful and he had such a wonderful story to share.

Read the article here: Cece Asuncion wins a GLAAD award for “Strut” (Team).


Photo by FrancisGum

From the article:

Is it easier for the trans women to book jobs as opposed to the men? Is there a disparity?

Yeah, kasi physically, with the girls, matatangkad yun eh. I don’t want to change the rules of the fashion industry. I just want you to play fair. Just hire them because I assure you they are as tall as the other girls, they fit the same damned clothes, they can walk better, and ‘pag nag-e-emote na yung mag yun, mas-magaling pa. You know why? Because these women had to fight triply hard to be the women they are so they don’t take their womanhood for granted.

It’s was a really fun interview and Cece had such amazing answers. So insightful!


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