busy is good

My mantra has always been, since as far back as 2004 when I first became a freelancer, “busy is good.” As a freelancer, I don’t have the security that a paycheck is coming at a specific time. I just have to work and keep working so I know the finances comes in faster than it goes out. It’s been 13 years since I’ve lived with this mindset — even when I was working part-time in Chalk magazine and Metro Society magazine that had a regular paycheck, I still held on to this thinking — and it works so well with my personality.

I like to keep busy.

IMG_6569 bw

photo by Shaira Luna

Since my diagnosis in 2008 and then my second almost-death in 2010, I’ve come back to the workforce in 2012 with a renewed understanding of my body’s limits (and it’s something I’m learning day-in and day-out). Busy is good. Stress is not. Busy is good but working yourself to exhaustion is not. Busy is good. Not being able to have a life is not. Busy is good. But getting a lot of rest is even better. Because it means you can be busy with a clear head and work efficiently. Your health is maintained.

And I’ve been busy. Some work situations did not pan out the way I wanted it to but other work situations have come up and I feel like I’m in a position to choose what’s best for me. I have options. And that’s so amazing.

And I’ve been going out and hanging out with friends and reclaiming my life and it’s that life that has given me the opportunities that are coming my way. I never really had to look for work, work came looking for me. My greatest strength has always been my empathy and my social skills and I get enough time to talk to a person that I just meet at some evening and something great is going to happen from that moment.


photo by Cholo Laurel, taken sometime last year, where I found myself working in someone else’s office because I didn’t have a choice

That’s why I haven’t been blogging a lot. I’ve just been jumping from one moment to the next. Finishing an article here, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, watching movies in a really good cinema again (I miss that so much), and attending meetings. I haven’t had the chance to sit down and write it all down because when I do give myself a day to myself and not work, I just lie in bed and rest and read.

Also, because I’ve been bull-headed about my Internet situation at home.  I don’t want to go with the usual four choices that we have — PLDT, Globe, Smart, or Sky — but I am gunning for these new ISPs that are smaller but offer better services and faster speeds. Being smaller companies, they talk long to follow up on their inquiries but I want to hold out. I’m still doing okay just using my phone’s data plan but I don’t want to get tied down to a one-year or two-year contract to the usual four ISPs and get crappy service.

But once I get the Internet situation at home running smoothly, expect me to be back and with a vengeance.


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