Labor Day Weekend


The Lake House in Caliraya

It was a long Labor Day Weekend. Labor Day was on a Monday and because of the APEC Summit being held here, the government gave a strange it’s-a-holiday-but-not-a-holiday sort of announcement for Thursday and Friday. Lots of people went out of town and I got an invite to go to Caliraya with Cat and Carlo and their family.

We used to go to Caliraya a lot when Tals and Amanda were still living in the country. It’s a wonderful place and Cat’s parents are such wonderful and gracious hosts. The hospitality and the warmth was just the perfect energy that I needed for this long break. I got to see and be around wonderful, amazing people that I haven’t seen and hung out with for a long while.

It was just exactly the kind of vacation I needed as things have been getting hectic and crazy here. I’ve had to juggle moving out and then moving in to my new place, work, choosing between which projects to take and which to politely decline, and selling my brother’s car. It’s been a heavy load and I’ve been hiding away and forcing myself some rest and invisible time to make sure that I don’t push myself too hard.

Once this week is over, then I can finally relax. It’s been trying but I can’t wait to settle down.


Walking in the grounds around the little cove and watching my friends and their children just enjoying themselves

But this long weekend in Caliraya with Cat, Carlo, and their family was exactly what I needed to recharge. I am always so thankful for the amazing friendships I’ve managed to forge along the way.


taking Tito Ming’s boat for a spin around the lake (photos by Cat Juan Ledesma)

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