Cancer and the poetry of John Donne (Manila Bulletin)

My review for Twin Bill Theater Company’s staging of Margaret Edson’s Pulitzer-prize winning play, Wit, was published today in the Manila Bulletin. This is also Wit‘s Philippine premiere (if not Asian) so it’s a big deal. And it stars Tami Monsod as the lead and Tami is a good friend but, more than that, she is also a terrific actress. I can’t imagine anyone else playing the part.

Read my review here: Cancer and the poetry of John Donne (Manila Bulletin).


Curtain Call: Tami Monsod, Bibo Reyes, Mikkie Bradshaw, Raymund Concepcion, and the ensemble take their bows at the end of the Press Preview

I have loved this play since I first saw it as an HBO movie back in early 2000. Directed by Mike Nichols, Emma Thompson took that character and ran away with it and it drove me to tears. I found a copy and I’ve seen it three more times since then, still hitting me the same way as the first time I’ve seen it.

I was not nervous for Tami. I knew she could do this role justice and give Emma Thompson a run for her money. And she did. She was so powerful and commanding. I just wish the venue’s limitations didn’t get in the way. I really, really wanted to be closer. The direction of the play was meant for an intimate space — it wasn’t meant to be so wide open nor the audience too far — and I felt a little distant. I kept inching myself closer and nearer, almost falling off my seat.

It’s a fantastic play and I hope you get to catch it on its last weekend. Please click the link above to find out how to get tickets and watch it. It’s a beautiful play.


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