We can end HIV and AIDS TOGETHER

One of the first projects I got into when I arrived was The Red Whistle’s video and photo shoot for their new campaign Together. It was wonderful and familiar to be working in production set again and with familiar face and working towards a very familiar theme.

Watch the video here:

Again, it’s just like Niccolo Cosme to find another way to frame the HIV/AIDS advocacy in the country and focus on the human side of the rising numbers. He’s used fashion and social media and celebrity culture as tools to help spread awareness and now he takes it to this level and it’s just magical.

I only show up for a short time and in little bits because it’s a chance for new advocates and PLHIV’s who are also open with their HIV status to be seen. It’s important to see the many, many faces that’s out there.

And with all our voices combined, together, we hope to make a difference.


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