Signal Boosting: Pilyo Cheesecake Souffle

So my chef cousin Inigo Castillo has a business called Pilyo and he gave me a box of 3 cheesecake soufflés that tastes exactly like the Filipino delicacy called bibingka. It’s so delicious and it even includes the salted egg on top, which you put on bibingka. It’s so good.


Please don’t mind the poor food photography, I’m a writer not a photographer

Ever since my cousin finished culinary school, we would hang out once or twice a month with all our family who was here in Manila and he’d always end up cooking some delicious dish and I’ve been a fan of his cooking ever since. He left for Sydney and worked in a few restaurants there and I’m sure he got to hone his craft and expand his flavor profile there and now he’s back in Manila and he sent me this box of his cheesecake soufflé and it’s amazing.

I hate to be all “I’m-a-blogger-please-buy-this” but this is family and it’s really good and I just want to share the love.

Check out their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram. I think they have other products in there as well.


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