any moment now

Happy Easter!

I’m really just waiting for news about my scholarship. There’s so many things I want to do but can’t get it started or done because I have no idea whether I’m staying or going this year. I remember them saying that we would find out by the second week of April but I haven’t heard from them yet. I can’t find the e-mail that said we’d be informed by this time. I’ve kept every e-mail. But I can’t find it.

And so I’m waiting. And the opportunities are coming and I’d love to get them but I also would like to fly out to Europe to study some more. Whatever the response from Erasmus Mundus is going to be okay. I have plans for myself that I’m happy with for either outcome.

I just wish they would tell us already what it is.

IMG_6569 bw

photo by Shaira Luna

I’m not religious but the majority of my country is and so there’s all this religious iconography in the streets and the past four days, the city has been a ghost town as everyone has gone to the provinces or the beach or whatever to celebrate Easter. If I’m not mistaken, Jesus rose from the dead today. Somehow, I can relate. I’m finally back in the city and in the grind and I want to ascend.

I can’t do that until I hear from Erasmus Mundus. Until then, I’m still waiting in the wings. I just wanna fly already.


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