Some shots from last Sunday

Sunday is family day. My brother and I are really making a go of it; that every Sunday I go to his place and hang out for the day. I get to see my niece and my godson and my brother and I get to touch base and make sure that we are both doing all right.

I feel great about having to be able to say that I was able to dance with all my nephews and nieces at some point in their lives. I don’t know why but that’s really important to me.

Here are just some of the photos of that day:

IMG_0052 copy

showing Liam, my godson, a photo I took of him

IMG_0049 copy

Hanging out with Liam and Fergus, the other rambunctious member of Datu’s brood

IMG_0064 copy

Like my niece, Liam’s cousin, Sophia did to me so many years ago, my godson steps on my face, a recurring theme in my life so it seems




There’s even a video of me dancing with Liam and Eve but I don’t want to show it. When we have a better one.