I walk

I did the most walking I have ever done in the past year and a half just yesterday. Was all over my preferred location for where I want to move into and spent the whole morning looking at apartments and condominiums until I had to take a taxi to my shoot for work. Then I was walking back to Makati to meet up with a friend for early dinner when another good friend of mine saw me on the road, stopped his car, and gave me a lift.

When I met up with my friend, we walked again to the restaurant we were eating at and when we found out it was closed, we walked to another branch several large blocks away.

I’m a walker. I could walk for hours and hours. I used to do that a lot when I was alone in Lisbon and I was exploring the city on foot.

I’m a little rusty, though, because I’ve spent the better part of last year in bed, recovering but I’m well again and I have to get my body back into shape. I’m no fitness freak or anything but I like to keep my body strong and active. It frightens me, the idea of growing older and losing my body’s strength and I have seen older people who still have the facility to move around and get things done no matter how old they are.

I want to be like that. I’m not looking to have abs and a fabulous body. I don’t have the time or the discipline to achieve that. But I do want to be able to walk for hours like many people do and not lose my breath and not give up because I tire easily. I used to dance in the club from 11pm until 5am and still have enough strength to go out for breakfast before going home and going to sleep. Of course, I was in my twenties, but I had the strength and the stamina to do it, even with the drinking and the smoking.

I refuse to allow my body to get weak. The exercise is actually good for me. It strengthens my immune system and it’s great for my circulation, and it helps keep the cholesterol and triglycerides lower than normal. Because my triglycerides are way above normal due to my meds.

But I know people who are HIV positive who are dancers and athletes and fitness experts and if they can do it, so can I.

I am not going to let my body wither away. I’m a walker and I love it that my legs are stretching out again and getting fit like they used to be fit.

This is how I walk.

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