Lorde is giving me serious Kate Bush feels

When Lorde released Green Light, I lost my shit. Every bit of that song spoke to me directly. I love the movements within the song. I love how she sings it. When I found out what the song was about, I felt that she was speaking directly to me.

I bought the single off of iTunes immediately and play it at least once a day. Sometimes, it’s just on repeat and, when the mood strikes me, I dance in my room.

And then I saw this:

And as I was watching the performance, all I could think of was that Lorde as giving me serious Kate Bush vibes. It’s in the way she writes songs that hit me so strongly and in the way she has shaped her career and taking charge of her artistry and her music and the way in which she expresses herself.

While Kate Bush is ethereal and mythical in how she appears to me — the imagined worlds which she weaves in her lyrics and in the crafting of her albums — and the charmed life she seemed to have lead from reading two biographies of her, Lorde is the 2017 equivalent of that, in my opinion. Rooted in the urban and the current and the now, she is the embodiment of the intelligent, no-bullshit spirit of the youth.

It’s an unfair estimation, for sure, because I haven’t really explored many of the new, younger artists that are out now. But Lorde drew me in the way Kate Bush did. And as I read her interviews and read up about her, she strikes me in the same way.

Lorde is only about to release her second album but I am so excited to follow her career and I am even considering putting her in my top ten favorite musical artists of all times alongside with Kate Bush, David Bowie, Bjork, Fiona Apple, Tanita Tikaram, Tom Waits, Charlotte Martin, and Aimee Mann. I usually wait for at least four albums before I add anyone to this list — I didn’t add Fiona Apple to the list no matter how much I loved her first two albums until she released Extraordinary Machine — but I feel that Lorde will continue to amaze and inspire and create music that  is going to affect me and speak to me.

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