The Naked I (Team Magazine)

I wonder if I subconsciously didn’t post this article that came out in the online site of Team magazine. I wrote an article about that time I had nude photos of myself taken. It was a cathartic time for me and it’s something I’m very much open to doing again. In fact, after I had written the article, I had two offers to do a nude photo shoot when I get back to Manila.

From the article:

Maybe if I saw myself as an art object, how I saw my body would change. More importantly, if I saw the photos in the same way the photographer who took them did, I might even find a way to consider myself beautiful.

You can read the entire article here:

The Naked I — How baring myself was a means to reclaiming myself (Team magazine)

There are some revealing pictures there. I sent a few photos, some revealed way more than what would be considered “safe for watching” in an office or home setting (if you have kids). But they chose the more artsy shots there.


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