Hang-Over: the Hanging Out finale party

Tomorrow, we air the season finale of our passion project, the web series Hanging Out, but last night we had a season ender party at Commune. The bands MOONWLK and actor/singer/songwriter/spoken word artist Juan Miguel Severo performed sets, including the songs they so graciously let us use for the show. They aired all the episodes, from the first until the final episode, and met the cast and the creative team behind the show.

Except me, of course, I’m here in Bacolod. I was watching everything from social media. Refreshing the feeds off of Instagram and Twitter until Team magazine went live on Facebook and I got to see a whole hour’s worth of the talk back after the airing.

I really wish I could have been there.


the jam-packed crowd at Commune to catch the season finale of Hanging Out (taken from Sheena’s twitter @sheenalogy)

I would have just loved to have been there to soak in all that energy. I still can’t believe that, after a few months and a lot of hard work, we were able to put out a show that made a lot of young gay men feel like they mattered; that someone was telling their stories.

And we air the last episode tomorrow on YouTube and Facebook and we then bid adieu to these characters for awhile. We get back to our lives without the demands of the show hanging above our heads and let what we were able to do simmer and hopefully inspire necessary changes. We need more of our stories to be told with honesty and sensitivity and care.

I’m going to miss this so much. I’m going to miss the work, the crew, the cast so much. A lot of them were there last night and I didn’t get to really say goodbye.

I don’t want to say goodbye. I don’t think we are done yet telling these character’s stories. I’m not yet ready to say goodbye.


from the pages of Team magazine’s 8th issue, a feature on Hanging Out

Working with Petersen Vargas, Patrick Valencia, and Jade Castro has helped me grow so much as a writer and watching the cast really settle into their characters and make them their own was such a wonderful thing to witness. The whole process felt so organic and unmanufactured. Under-manned, under-budget but full of heart and boundless energy, we went through the making of this show with our hearts on the line.

I want to do it all again. I’d do it all again.

Please catch our final episode tomorrow (don’t worry, I’ll be posting the link when it comes out here) and grab a copy of Team magazine’s 8th issue with the amazing Paolo Ballesteros on the cover.



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