Revisiting: Songs of Mass Destruction by Annie Lennox

annie_lennox_-_songs_of_mass_destruction_album_coverI was not the biggest fan of Songs of Mass Destruction when it came out. I’m a huge Annie Lennox fan and Diva and Medusa are two of my favorite albums ever and when she released Bare, I may not have loved each song as reverently as I did in her first two albums but the songs I did love — Thousand Beautiful Things, Pavement Cracks, Loneliness, The Saddest Song I’ve Got, Wonderful — I really, really took to heart.

In fact, I went back to Bare just recently through Spotify (since I can’t find my CD) and when the last song played, it jumped straight into Songs of Mass Destruction and since I liked the first song Dark Road, I just let it play.

But as the songs kept coming one after the other, I started to hear things I didn’t hear when I first heard it many years ago. Maybe it’s a record for older people to enjoy and I was too young to properly enjoy it back when it first came out.

Now, I hear Smithereens and I am losing my shit.

Sorry about the video. That’s the only one I could find on YouTube.

I didn’t realize I had to grow up to be able to truly appreciate this album. I thought it would have that same universality that Diva had or even the selections from Medusa. But I guess, as an artist, Annie Lennox grew and she became more precise with her writing that it struck only particular chords to a certain segment. Maybe she began to focus on particular feelings and zero-ed in on them and instead of making something for everybody, she made something for herself.

It’s an interesting thought. The artistic process is a complex thing and the product is always an unexpected thing. And if I were to do this — to become more precise over what I write and what I do — what will come out from such an endeavor?


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