belly down (graphic & detailed post about indigestion)

Not even a week back from Manila and I’m down. I’ve been down for a couple of days now. I’ve been sleeping past one in the morning since I got back. So many thoughts in my head, so many things I’m working out in my mind. My Manila trip was very, very eventful. My mind is racing and so I decided to let it rest and it was a weekday night and I had decided to sleep before midnight.

wanggo sick selfie

sick? take a selfie #sickinthehead (taken back in 2013)

In fact, it was 10:30 in the evening and that’s way early even for me.

But I woke up at 1am and I had to use the loo and that was when I had to go and release a very watery bowel movement. This happened every two hours that evening. I would wake up, go to the lavatory, release, then I’d wash up, drink water, and then go back to sleep. I’d repeat it every two hours.

I knew something was up when I vomited after the third time.

So when morning came, I had myself admitted into the emergency room. My stool sample came back with traces of blastocystis hominis. Apparently, it’s a common protozoan culture that lives in people’s intestines and stomach and people are just carriers and they don’t suffer from symptoms until the blastocystis hominis is activated and that’s what happened to me.

So I’m now on antibiotics, drinking a lot of water, and not doing too much work just so that I don’t burn out all of my essential nutrients. I’ve had amoebiasis before and this is very similar. Back then, I was hospitalized for two nights with an IV drip supplying me essential fluids and keeping me hydrated. According to the doctors here, I can do it fine on my own.

So I’m being a good boy and taking it easy.

I’m wondering if I am completely incapable of gaining weight. Every time I start to gain weight, something happens to me and I lost the weight gain. This could be a curse or a blessing.

We’ll see.

Right now, I’m queasy and feeling a little weak and a lot of discomfort. I can’t be too far away from the washroom. So I’m stuck to my bed once more. And just when I was getting active again too…



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