The Story, front and center (Manila Bulletin)

I’m writing for the Manila Bulletin again. The one month I spent in Manila provided me with the access I needed to engage with the stories that I could write about. Of all the things I miss writing for, it’s writing reviews.

I was invited to the press preview for the Chris Millado play, Buwan at Baril sa E Flat Major, and I was skeptical, at first, because overtly political plays are oftentimes too literal and that’s not the style of which I’m most comfortable in. I don’t like the work to be literal or in-your-face.

But Buwan at Baril sa E Flat Major was different. I really, really enjoyed this one.

My review: The Story, front and center (Manila Bulletin)



The final tableau at the end of Buwan at Baril sa E flat Major with Cherry Pie Picache, Jackie Lou Blanco, JC Santos, Angeli Bayani, Ross Pesigan, and Paolo O’ Hara

This was a really powerful and moving show and if you can catch it, I really suggest you do as it runs until the 12th of February at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani in Quezon City.

It’s an important and powerful play and I really hope you get to watch it. And please click the link above and read my review. For the hits. I would really love to continue writing for The Manila Bulletin.


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