Social Media Game: Weak / Poor

I thought I’d be more active on social media while I’m here. I’m wandering around the city, hanging out with friends, working, looking for more work, meeting new people. I’m doing stuff and I thought I’d be tweeting more often or taking more photos. Instead, I’m really living the moment. I don’t remember to take my phone out to take photos or I can’t seem to find short thoughts to fill up my Twitter.

I’m really just living.

It’s not a complaint, really, but I’m just surprised at my self. I really thought I’d be more active.

I’ve been busy and I’ve just been taking it all in. I’ve been asking for the photos from friends whose social media game is strong or I’d grab the photos off of Twitter or Instagram just to be able to have some sort of record of these moments.

This really is an amazing start for me in 2017. I’m meeting up with friends and making new ones. I’m working on a show that’s being received very warmly and my prospects are good.

Things are happening. I don’t say much on Twitter (except to talk about Hanging Out) but I am living my life. I am having a blast and I am hopeful.

I’ve just forgotten how to be socially media savvy amidst all this living.


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