it doesn’t feel like work

I’m on a very tight budget this Manila trip. I haven’t done any real, proper work all of last year as I was just recovering in Bacolod, away from my network. I’ve managed a few jobs here and there but that didn’t quite give me enough capital to really go all out on this Manila trip.

But that doesn’t bother me. I’m here to work and to find more work I can bring home with me to Bacolod. I’m here to activate my network and to make it bigger. I’m here to recover what I lost while I was recovering in Bacolod.

There is a pressing need that pervades my visit. I don’t want to go back empty-handed but despite that it still doesn’t feel like work. I’m having too much fun reconnecting with my network and sending out feelers and hanging out with my friends here. I’m enjoying being in a place whose pulse is a rhythm I can synch myself into. I feel safe knowing anywhere I turn, no matter how far I go, there’s someone just around the corner that I know and trust.


Charz, myself, Victor, and Evan of Team magazine just hanging out and having a laugh behind the scenes on the set of Hanging Out

And let’s face it, being on the set of Hanging Out is an absolute joy. Everyone is so hardworking and funny and invested in the project and they all bring something to the table. I pretty much just met the crew and the cast that day and everyone was so kind. Even if I wasn’t there at all during the shoot of the first two episodes or I wasn’t present during the premiere, people still treated me like I am part of the team. I only pretty much worked with just the other writers and the director. I worked from Bacolod, doing story conferences through Facebook messenger.

But there I was on the set and it was like I had been there on the first day. It felt really good.

No, this trip doesn’t feel like work at all yet I feel like I’m doing a lot. But I’m still eating well, I’m getting physically active, getting my seven hours of sleep, and I’m optimistic and excited.

I feel alive and productive. It feels good. It feels good to start the year like this.


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