Hit the Ground Running

I got to Manila and hit the ground running. I arrived, practically just dumped my luggage at my friend Cez’s place, said hello and then rushed off to meet with the other writers of Hanging Out to discuss the changes we were making for the season. We had a deadline to submit episode 3 and 4 scripts the following day because we were shooting both episodes that Saturday and it was already Wednesday.

Those episodes weren’t mine but I had to be there to give my two cents and help out flesh out the story’s movement and to prepare because the episode 5 would have to be adjusted accordingly and that’s mine and that’s due in a couple of days.




Director Petersen Vargas directing Paulito del Mundo (David) and Albert Saspa (Kiko) in a scene for a future episode of Hanging Out

I arrived on a Wednesday and by Saturday, I was at the Hanging Out shoot for episode 3 and 4 and it was my first time back in a set in a long time. I got to meet the crew and the team and I got to meet the cast. I helped provide backstory for the actors as they got ready coming into their scenes. We are doing something radical for the show and I felt the characters needed coaching to catch up where each character is at emotionally — especially since we aren’t shooting chronologically.

I loved being in that set and being with the actors and it was just so much fun. I loved helping out and I got to spend time with the people at Team magazine too. I wanted to stay until the end of the shooting day but I left the moment I got tired. I didn’t want to push it and I know I’m still not in shape. But I stayed as long as I could.

I guess it’s pretty important for me to get to know the actors so that I can write them better. It’s not enough that I can see them on screen and just base it from there. I want to know them so I know how to use them properly when I write for them.

Now that the shoot day is over, I’ll be able to approach my days at a slower pace. The first few days were going to be crucial. I had friends who are leaving for other countries soon as they were only here for the holidays to see family. I had to see them. And then the shoot was important and so was that story conference of the Hanging Out writers.

Now that the rush is over, I can enjoy this Manila trip a little easier and I can actually spend some time with Cez, who is so kind and wonderful enough to have taken me in for this trip.

Now, I’ll get my bearings and conquer this start of the year and get some really important work done.



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