Hanging Out | Episode 2 | Debriefing

Episode 2 is out now!


Directed by Petersen Vargas and written by myself. Beautiful cinematography by Ice Idenan, I must say.

I’ve been dying for you all to see it. Here it is. Please enjoy!

We all love Jox Gonzales and Paulito del Mundo as Adrian and David. Their chemistry is undeniable and so convincing and beautiful to watch. They had us at the first episode but this episode, for me, was all about Sheena Ramos and Eboy Fernandez bringing Misha and Jessie to life. That’s my little tribute to all of us who have talked about our friends and, in a way, to all of us who have been the subject of our friend’s discussions.

The love story is essential, for sure, but coming into this series, I wanted it to be more about the friendships. I love that Petersen juggles both plot lines so well and plays them off each other so wonderfully.

I am so happy about this and I am so happy that it’s online for everyone to see.

I hope you enjoy!


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