Love Came Down at Christmas (Shawn Colvin)

We actually prepared way ahead of time for our Christmas Eve dinner. Since it’s just going to be my parents, my brother, and myself celebrating this year, we simplified everything and we got a head start. The chickens have been stuffed and we just need to throw it into the oven to start baking. The mushroom soup get cooked right before we begin and the Waldorf Salad is already done and cooling in the icebox. My brother’s bread pudding is currently baking and so we’re all just waiting for everything to be set and we’ll be having Christmas Eve dinner early this time round.

It’s been a tough year and many are calling it the worst year ever. Something snapped and now I’m hoping that something will snap back into place just in time for the festivities to begin.

The world is chaotic and so very random and this year sort of showed us exactly how crazy it can all get and we felt it very, very strongly.

This is why a holiday like Christmas is important. Remove all the religious aspects of the day and take it for its global representation of families getting together and the majority of people just settling down and making a wish for peace. Life is filled with limitless possibilities. Everyday we make countless decisions which influence the path that we take as we get older. It’s times like Christmas that sorts of anchors us and returns us to a certain constant.

One day, every year, we come together with family and loved ones and for whatever reason we may have, we remember that we love and are loved in return.

May you have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas.


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