One Tin Soldier (Dennis Lambert live performance)

I woke up today and after reading the news, which I always do when I wake up, I ended up singing the song One Tin Soldier in my bed. I was holding on to my phone while still in bed, running through my Twitter feed and Facebook feed, catching up on all the news that I missed the night before and that morning before I woke up. A heavy feeling just came to me and I just began singing the song.

Later on, I decided to look for a good live version that I could post on my Twitter and found this live performance of Dennis Lambert on YouTube. It was recorded back in 2008. It was somber and quiet; very much unlike the version I grew up listening to when I was a kid. I thought it was perfect. I posted it on my Twitter and my Facebook.

And these dark days, I feel the words much stronger now than before. The song has found new meaning, a resonance that speaks of the now, much like it probably did back when it was first written and recorded.

I return to this song and I hope that people will listen and discover (or rediscover) this gorgeous song with its beautiful (and frightening) message.

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