Premiere of Hanging Out

This Saturday, Team magazine invites you to Gay Per View!


On December 17, at 7pm at A Space in Greenbelt, Team magazine will be presenting the pilot episode of Hanging Out, a new web series about being gay in Manila. The Philippines’ King of Talk and current Team magazine cover boy, Boy Abunda, will be present to talk about LGBT representation in the media, while video portraits on queer Filipino lives by Jake Jereza and Bardo Wu will also be screened.

It’s all in the poster, really, but I just had to mention it again.

Team Magazine events have been a lot of fun and I can’t believe I have only been to two. And I can’t believe I’m missing out on the premiere of the web series, which I’m part of as episode writer (I wrote episode 2) and was part of the artistic team that conceptualized the show.

So far, the work has been awesome and I’ve been doing a bulk of my work from Bacolod and we’ve all been communicating online and I’m so happy that they’ve kept me in the loop and sought out my opinions on a lot of things. Hanging Out is such a strange project I’m in because it’s not as ambitious as my previous work but it’s very important to me, for some reason. It’s personal. It’s contemporary in scope and setting. It’s not like many of the projects that I’ve worked on where it was extraordinary in its concept. This is actually quite familiar and mundane and simple. The extraordinariness of the show is in the intricacies of the relationships.

It’s the reality of this under-represented world that is extraordinary. They say that a story is either ordinary people going through extraordinary circumstances or extraordinary people who have to struggle with ordinary issues. In my opinion, I found Hanging Out being neither of these. It’s regular people going through regular life and what makes it so compelling is that it’s familiar and it’s honest and raw and true.

And there’s not a lot of it out there for people to see, a show like this, it’s known but it’s not represented and it’s this context of it that really excites me.

So if you’re in Manila on the 17th, troop on to A Space in Greenbelt at 7pm and catch the premiere of Hanging Out. Tell me what you think. I’m really proud of this show.

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