Rum and sugar (Manila Bulletin)

I wrote a piece about Sugarcane Diaries, the second solo exhibit of Coco Torre at House of Frida earlier this month. It’s my first time to get published in Manila Bulletin again this year and I miss having my byline on one of the country’s leading newspapers.

Read: Rum and Sugar (Manila Bulletin)


Screencap of the article at Manila Bulletin’s webpage

I haven’t written anything for the Bulletin this year because the earlier part of it was spent recovering from my brush with kidney failure. Later, as I began to recuperate, I didn’t seem to catch anything that was going on that I felt I had any sense to write about. My visits to Manila was spent more reconnecting with people and reestablishing my network for possible work that I could do online.

I was invited to House of Frida because one of the gallery owners, Marianne Magalona, and I are working on a project together. I came because of her and because I heard that Coco Torre was an amazing artist. The moment I stepped into the gallery and saw the first two paintings, I immediately knew I wanted to write about it. A quick survey around the gallery and already I saw the threads of the artist’s narrative that he was weaving together in the collection. I spent time looking at each individual piece and found a world of stories in every frame.

For the first time, I saw a cohesive collection from an artist with a clear vision of his work here in Bacolod. I just had to write the piece. I’m so happy I got the chance to.

Please click on the link above and read my thoughts on Sugarcane Diaries. I’m quite proud of it.

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 4.33.09 PM.png

Coco Torre, flanked by his pieces Oro Plata Mahjong and The Promised Land


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