Beneath My Skin (video)

To celebrate World AIDS Day 2016, Niccolo Cosme released a new exhibit called XIV. Niccolo has always used Christian iconography in his art and XIV is an allusion to the stations of the cross.

His paintings were painted with HIV-positive blood and narrated the untold stories of people living with HIV in the Philippines. The opening of the exhibit included live performances of Spoken Word pieces and poetry performed by stars Iza Calzado, Anthony Falcon, and Anna Maria Perez de Tagle.

Read: Bloodletting (Manila Bulletin Lifestyle)

It also included a video of my piece Beneath My Skin (first published in the Panorama, December 6, 2015) featuring actor and contemporary dancer Arvin Trinidad and performed by Cherie Gil.


I have never seen my work in such a manner before. I’m amazed at the interpretation and I am so thrilled and happy that Niccolo Cosme and The Red Whistle took their time to interpret my piece this way.

It’s quite an amazing thing to experience — seeing your poetry performed in this manner.

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