I took a break from script writing yesterday to try and beat a pressing deadline for a call for submissions for a journal. I found out about the call for submissions on November 24 and the deadline was for November 30. It was something I really wanted to submit something to.

But I had nothing, not even drafts of older work that I could reconfigure to suit the requirements of the call. I waited to see if I could come up with something but nothing had come.

Then an idea hit me. I went through my Twitter poems and scanned through my whole feed and picked out the pieces with similar imagery and themes — all of which were related to the theme of the call for submission.

And then I spent the whole day restructuring all the pieces and wrote a few more verses to help create a sense of unity for the entire piece.

I called it The Lamentation Suite and sent it in yesterday.

I hope it gets in. If it doesn’t, that’s fine. I’ll send it out to other places. I’m happy with what came out and all the stuff that I’ve been learning (or re-learning, to be more precise) has come into play.

I also feel like my line cutting has improved a lot since I’ve been returning to my poetry books and gone back to the basics.

These Twitter poems were just meant to be exercises. A way to practice brevity and precision. It was meant as an exercise to improve my ability to condense my thoughts and not to run away with the metaphor and unnecessarily over-extended the imagery. But now, after having written so much, they’ve taken a life of their own and have developed and grown into full-fledge poems.


4 thoughts on “restructuring

    • Thank you! I worked all day on that. I’m not that computer literate and I’m too cheap and too poor to pay someone to do it for me so I had to learn how to use the WordPress themes on my own.

      It was surprisingly not that all difficult! I’m so happy WordPress is user friendly! 😊

      • Ha! for sure! I use to be good at figuring computer stuff out pretty fast but my MS has really made my brain into mush 65% of the time. Makes things a lot more difficult to navigate. You sure don’t understand what you have in life until it’s taken from you (health wise). Wish I had a crystal ball 20 years ago…I would have been a different person for sure! Just going to the store is a challenge at times. Not doing well lately, keep telling my doc but he just kinda shrugs, writes his notes and tells me to keep taking my injections (rolling my eyes). You seem to be doing better (head space) and looks like you are tackling things head on! I’m not quite there yet (my diagnosis was just recently and I’m still dealing with the anger, frustration, pity and hating the world…I’m sure I will get over that and start concentrating on trying to slow the crap down and have a life again). If it was just the MS I wold be ok with that…most of the time, when my leg isn’t dragging, or toes feel like they’ve fallen off or the brain fog that makes me forget my name…but it’s the 2 failed back surgeries, the neck issues, the Thyroid disease the Hashimoto’s, the blah, blah, blah. All labels I should shove up my docs ass and move on but the pain is real and makes life difficult to accomplish stuff on a daily basis. Unable to do simple things without wanting to punch someone in the face…REALLY HARD at times takes some restraint on my part 😁. But I grin and bare it and tell everyone that I’m good. I’m sure you have been through some of this. I hope that you can inspire me to pick myself up and get a move on before its too late…thanks for being you and finding your way out of your dark space…I will keep reading. Perhaps I should start blogging again…it did seem to help.

        • I didn’t know MS was like that. I’m so sorry. It had gotten bad for me, but in the way that you describe it. Well, three at-death’s-door experiences but other than that, my quality of life has been good.

          Can you get another doctor? Are you stuck with the one you have now? I’m sure if you get another opinion, you will find a doctor who cares about you and your health.

          Blogging has helped my state of mind so much and has helped me release a lot of the many dark thoughts in my head. It has helped me through some of the tougher spots.

          I hope things will change for you soon. We can just all chalk it up to 2016 and I hope 2017 makes up for how bad this year has been!

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