the back burner

The world is in flux right now and that’s putting it mildly. And if I’m to be honest, it’s been on my mind. And while I’ve been working on a lot of scripts and ideas and stories, I’m having trouble working on them because my mind drifts towards what’s going on in the world now.

In a group thread on Facebook with two people I’m collaborating with on a film project, someone posted this short clip:

It gave me permission to rethink my current workload. Everything so far is on the pitching and development stage anyway. I have one film that is being discussed by potential producers right now and we are just waiting for their feedback and whether they will come aboard on this project with us.

I am working on a web-series with some friends and I’ve finished writing the second draft of the second episode. Someone else wrote the first episode. They’re doing pre-prod now and will be shooting the moment the script gets approved. So that should be done within the week.

I’m still on the research process of another film project I’m working on. This one already paid a downpayment so I’m forced to good and that’s fine. The producer wants to take their time to make the best film possible and so we have no deadline for research. We are just gathering as much material as possible before we proceed to scripting and I’m doing that already. It’s on-going.

But I have a couple of other projects that I’ve been working on, including my own personal project that I’ve decided to push back to favor my current mindset and the things that feel more pressing to me.

As Nina Simone said in the short interview clip above, it is the artist’s duty to reflect their times.

These are challenging times and it’s time that I do the same and work on things that reflect what I’m going through as person living through these times.

I’m writing a new script now. And it’s now about ‘being relevant’ but about being reflective of who I am as a person. I am genuinely affected by the world right now and I want to be able to express that in my work. It is not some mad-dash towards relevance and being political for the sake of; I want my work to be honest and personal. And this is personal to me right now. To work on other things — and these things are personal to me also — but they are no longer as pressing.

I want to be reflective to the times and how it affects my state-of-mind. I want to work on something that truly matters to me now. And that is an honesty that I want to pursue in all my endeavors from now on.


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