Wanggo Online

If you’re a regular to the site, then you might notice that I’ve made some design/layout/theme changes again. I’ve not been all that happy with the last look of my blog for awhile now.

And WordPress offered a domain name with an accompanying e-mail address that was more personalized and I thought that this would be better for me in the long run as I try to professionalize my online presence.

I wanted a design that I could present my portfolio of my work and still have a blog. I wanted a layout so that I could put my website on a calling card knowing that people can check my site and find my portfolio of writing (which I’ll be updating) so that it can also serve as a sort of sampler of my work experience.

And while there’s nothing wrong with having a wordpress site, I just felt that the new site name felt more personalized and professional.

It might be dumb but I thought it would be better that way.

By switching it to, I also did away with the original title of the site Positive/Negative because I wanted to move away from being merely the guy with HIV. I am so much more than that. I’m a writer too. After 8 years of being known solely as a person living with HIV, I felt that it had taken over my identity and the fact that I’m also a writer has been overlooked. So, I chose Wanggo Online to call the site because this site would be all about me — the entirety of me — from my HIV advocacy and thoughts about health, to my politics, my poetry drafts, my reviews of art and culture, and my day-to-day thoughts. And definitely, my projects; finished work and under the development.

The whole exercise feels quite self-absorbed and self-centered, especially as I use a lot of photos of myself for backgrounds but I am trying to sell myself. Hopefully, it creates a better look for people to see me not just as some random blogger but as a professional.

We’ll see. Welcome to the new site.


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