Blogging Hiatus

This might be my last post for awhile. Tomorrow, I’ll be undergoing a medical procedure. This will be my fifth medical operation, my fifth in my whole life, and to think that I had my first medical operation just last year when I had a temporary catheter attached to my neck.


I’m going to need dialysis again eventually and that’s what the fistula operation is for

This operation is for my fistula.  I am not on dialysis anymore but my doctors say that I will be needing it down the line. It is an inevitability, in my case, and it’s better to have the fistula done now because it takes 6 to 18 weeks to mature. We would want the fistula to be mature, ready, and active should the time come that I’ll need it again.

So tomorrow morning, I’ll be going under the knife again.

It’s not a serious operation and it’s pretty routine and nothing to worry about. I’ve actually had a fistula placed back in January but it didn’t mature. My veins and arteries were too small that the fistula never matured. After consulting with a new doctor who told me this fact, he prescribed exercises that I could do to help increase my vein and artery size.

After several months of doing these exercises, they are now a size large enough to put a fistula and it’s now or never.

I’m being extra cautious about this. It was quite traumatizing, having to be operated on early this year and then finding out that it was ill-advised. The first doctor who did the fistula screwed up. The idea is still frightening for me. I don’t like hospitals. I don’t like being cut up. So I want to do this right.

It will take time for the fistula to mature so for the next few weeks, I’m going to be very inactive and still. I am not going to use my arm so much because I’m just so scared that it won’t mature. I’m going to take really good care of it. This is my future, after all.

So I probably won’t be typing so much for the next few weeks. They are putting the fistula on my right arm and that’s my proficient hand. My movements will be very restricted for a few weeks but I’ll suck it up.

I came here to recover and that also means making all the necessary preparations for the future.

So, this is my announcement for a short hiatus on this blog.

See you again on December?

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