Remnants is available online again


Cover detail for my upcoming e-book Remnants, published by Flipside Digital Content Company (art by Christina Dy)

Flipreads, my publisher, folded this year and for a while now my e-book Remnants was not available online. I’m not yet very savvy on the backend side of self-publishing and I didn’t know how to make it available but I was told that the sister company, Flipside Digital Content, would still make the book available after the transition process of all their already-published titles, including my collection.

Today, I got the e-mail telling me that Remnants is back on Amazon, Kobo, and iTunes.

If you haven’t bought a copy, I would really appreciate it if you did and if you could leave a review on the online retailer where you made your purchase as this would very much help spread the word around and might attract other shoppers who are browsing for books.

I know I’ve stated on this blog that I’ve been reviewing everything that I’ve learned about poetry and starting all over again but this collection is still very important to me as it presents my life’s story in its most raw form.

Please get a copy, share it with your friends, spread the word. It would mean a whole lot to me if you did.




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