Lean On Me (Beth Orton & Terry Callier)

I came home yesterday and found myself in a maelstrom of emotions and passionate outcries of fear, anger, and disappointment. Mostly, anyway. There were those around me (figuratively, I’m talking about social media here as well) that were joyful or hopeful or even smug.

There was so much emotions and I haven’t even begun to dig deep into figuring out how I really feel deep inside. I hide it all in a sense of calm. I try to appear collected. I read as much as I can, I look into the Tweets and Facebook posts of people on my network and try to find out why they said the things they said there.

Empathy. I try to exercise whatever empathy I have to try and find out why.

“You’re not American,” some people have spoken out loud, “why do you care so much?”

I’m a member of this world and if you think this is just about American politics, then you aren’t looking at the forest and just one grove of trees. I see trends happening around the world. This is a world I still want to explore and be a part of. I’m trying to understand what and why and how come I was so blindsided.

I’m not saying that it’s bad. I’m just saying it’s not in line with my value system and what I believe in but I refuse to think that what I consider right or good is the same and should be practiced by everyone. I don’t believe in that imposition anymore. I just want to understand. I just want to know why I didn’t see it coming.

And while I’m trying to figure things out, I’ve decided to play this song on repeat. I’ve decided that I needed to hear it again and again and again.

It gives me courage. It gives me hope.

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